Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012

While it is in just a few more weeks that Windows 8 will hit store shelves, the Redmond Company has already released its enterprise solution to the market. Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Server 2012, which it has dubbed as the cloud OS. Microsoft says that the new server OS maximizes the utility of cloud computing.

Microsoft says that with changing trends, the IT sector is becoming more people-centric and therefore the new OS tries to integrate cloud-based technologies heavily. Since people are often accessing company data on personal machines, Microsoft says that Windows Server 2012 keeps the apps and data secured regardless of the end machine thanks to a security protocol with two requirements; a password and encryption of data.

There is also emphasis on improving the virtual environment on the OS, be it for end user data or the virtualization of the entire server farm. Microsoft also believes that they have now a better implementation of cloud and virtual OS, enough to compete with VMWare, the leader in virtualization technology. Microsoft’s built-in solution is called Hyper-V and is said to be efficient enough get a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) going in under 13 clicks.

“Windows Server 2012 can virtualize more than 99 percent of all SQL databases, and support virtual machines (VMs) with 64 virtual processors and 1 terabyte (TB) of memory per VM, and 8,000 VMs per cluster,” said Bill Laing, corporate vice president in the Server and Tools.

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